What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

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January 26, 2013
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I pride myself in eating well…

I shop for organic produce almost exclusively. I have a number of health supplements which I take regularly, moringa being the chief one.  Besides moringa being “natures natural multivitamin” — I was hooked after reading in a health textbook that there were no plant sources of vitamin B-12. Then, there’s moringa that has a healthy dose of it. That is what happens when a writer decides to keep reprinting the same information from the early 90s instead of updating his information.

My excellent eating habits and somewhat active lifestyle could not save me from this fate though…if you reading this from a computer or tablet this directly affects you.

The professor of my Characteristics of the Adult Learner course, Lord bless him, decided that he needed to include an health section to the course. He shared an article about this syndrome I had never heard of – Computer Vision Syndrome. So, carpal tunnel syndrome is fairly popular now, and I’ve suffered from that too, but that was a quick fix: I just bought a bigger keyboard instead of using the one on my laptop.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome Exactly?

I’ll get to that in a second. First let me tell you why I was really concerned when I heard about it. You could say that I am seeing impaired. If I used glass lenses instead of plastic lenses for my glasses, I would have “coke bottle glasses”

coke bottle glasses

I decided to really pay attention and read the article closely because I was wondering why my new prescription was not correcting my vision completely. My night vision had deteriorated significantly in a year.


What was the major change? I started working from home as a tutor. I would typically work 3 to 5 hours straight. I should add that I was a self-proclaimed YouTube addict at one point as well. Most of my entertainment is derived from electronics…

Sadly, I learned about computer vision syndrome late, and have already suffered vision loss.

What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

Web MD provided the following list of symptoms:

Blurred vision
Double vision
Dry, red eyes
Eye irritation
Neck or back pain

I had five of the six symptoms, so I decided to put myself on some vision rehab. I would recommend vision supplements or eye health supplements, but because I am not taking those, I cannot recommend a specific brand. But, what I did buy was these two neat little solutions.



It’s a nice benefit that the GAMMA RAY Computer glasses I chose also happen to look cool, but the instant vision improvement and exercises available to for pinhole glasses users is nothing short of amazing. I wish you the best my friends with protecting and restoring your eyes. Did I mention LCD screens on phones were just as bad too?

Let’s end on a positive note. It is possible to improve your vision :)

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