Natural Acne Treatment that Works: Coconut Oil

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June 9, 2015
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June 11, 2015

coconut oil
Yes, putting an oil on oily, acne prone skin can actually clear up acne.

I have have been raving about all the wonders of coconut oil for months. In addition to it being the ideal oil for cooking because of it’s high smoking point, brain support and weight loss support, it also works wonders for the skin.

I started using it because ever since I moved out to the Midwest, I have been experiencing dry skin and wrinkling, especially in the wintertime. I had read that it’s supposed to be a wonder wrinkle treatment that does not cause breakouts, so I tried it.

But, I had no idea coconut oil also helped fight and prevent breakouts.

Now it’s a staple in my pantry and bathroom. My skin has never been clearer. And, I had severe acne as a teen and have experienced moderate acne and breakouts through my twenties. (I had the suspicion that high fructose corn syrup and it’s twins caused most of my problems, but I won’t go into that. –Thank you Dr. Perricone.)

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am obsessively natural.

I ascribe to Kevin Trudeau’s recommendation not to put anything on your skin if you can’t eat it because the skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything that you put on it. It is not just a fatty, protective barrier that scientists once thought it was.

I have to share one more natural remedy I believe in before I sign off for the day: aloe vera.

aloe vera for acne

The story with this one starts with my hatred for makeup that I generally put on to cover up the multitude of acne scars on my face. Last year I ran into a substitute in one the Missouri schools I was working in that was makeup-less. I complemented her on her skin. I think that I actually said something like I wish I had clear skin like her.

I was not ready for what she told me next.

She said she used to have breakouts all the time and skin like mine. I did not want to believe her, but she shared her secret immediately “Aloe vera, girl. I put it on my face every night as a mask.”

From that point I started my search for organic options and ended getting some aloe vera skin gel from Wholefoods only to discover it had preservatives in it. If I’m not eating foods with preservatives in it because I know the body pushes out impurities through the skin, why would I directly apply them directly to my skin? I tossed the $14 bottle of what I’m sure is a high quality skin care product.

I also bought some aloe vera gel from Basnish Acne Scars thinking that oil could actually be derived from the aloe plant. Now, I know it’s mostly jojoba. #fail

I have seen many different aloe vera gel skin creams which I refuse to buy. I tried buying an organic aloe vera plant from a local nursery, but it was too small to use daily. The owner just told me to be patient while it grows–slowly. (I’m slowly eating that aloe plant which really makes my skin glow I discovered is a source of B-12. Just yesterday I was writing that moringa was the only plant I had seen that was a source of B-12, go figure.)

All that is to say if you are obsessively natural like me, you can get truly organic aloe vera gel here.

aloe vera benefits

Source: aloevera-benefits.com

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