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So, my friend in Shanghai could not see the pictures from my trip in August to Myanmar, so I promised her I’d post a few pictures here.

A little background: I went with my school, we toured, and did some volunteer work. It was amazing.

Walking to the market.

Mu mu (far right, baseball cap) helps us brave the dangerous roads on the way to an open market.

A perfectly normal day sitting outside yet another store on stilts.

What you see: the backs of me and my roommate's heads. What you probably can't see: The gorgeous hill tribe women with brass rings on their necks and legs opposite of us.

I thought I had a young coconut, so I asked for the waitress to cut my coconut open.

In search of coconut jelly. Fail.

Friend sent this photo through the cow fields to me and told me I look like a star.

Lights, camera, wind tunnel, cow pattys, go!

This is one of the kids giving me a hand made purse with their tribal crest on it.

Some things are priceless, like getting soaked and having to change into tribal clothes and then getting applauded for changing:)

Eating dessert on our departing day from Yangon.

I think I ate more dessert than all eight of the other people there.

I would know 3 new hand games if they weren't so foreign.

Julie, Rita, and Kevin playing hand games after lunch.

This is performance day for a song in one of the native tribe's languages.

Can you see how enthused I am to practice this song in another language?

The hated picture of Jebus.

I call that the picture of Jebus. The religious fervor in this country whether Buddhist or Christian was only rivaled by the spiciness of the food! The bigger the images and statues the better:/

This is was one of our daily taxis to our volunteer location.

We were very happy that was not raining while we were in the taxi.

Yes, that's your transportation for the day.

Not having air conditioning in a tropical country was fine for me, walking through puddles in my nice shoes--okay, but getting into the dirty taxis and watching them speed down the half-paved roads only following the rule that everyone needs to get out of my way-that was rough.

Cramped taxi rides made for good conversation.

After getting over my fears of becoming filthy and dying on the busy roads of Yangon I really enjoyed the taxi rides.

I thought no one took my pictures at the Swedagon, but someone got me.

I threw a royal princess hissy fit at the Shwedagon Pagoda because it was rainy and we had to take off our shoes. I didn't care for all the buildings, Buddhist services, or little monks following us around. I was mostly mad about being barefoot though.

A wicked looking old elevator with an elevator operator at the Strand Hotel.

I was one of the few, the proud, to ride on the old elevator at the renowned Strand Hotel in Yangon.

This is a Chinatown in Yangon

Chinatown in Yangon

Karaweik Palace Buffet or what we called the Thai dinner boat show.

On the grounds of the Karaweik Palace Buffet. The show had great food, dancing, and a puppet performance. Too bad I was too ill to enjoy it:)

This was the "love boat" at Inle Lake.

There was a turquoise heart on this boat, so we called it the love boat.

Don't play with knives! Okay...just for the picture.

Kevin, Tanner, Mark, and Sam playing with knives.

A pagoda at Inle that we voted not to visit.

We voted not to visit this pagoda at Inle LaKe.

I swear I wasn't talking to the monk; he was talking to me.

Cultural lesson. Women are not supposed to talk to monks. Jenn said it was a fake monk because he was so chatty.

Boat guide, Mu Mu, at Inle Lake.

Most memorable person from the trip, Mu Mu. He took care of us: Kept us dry and actually tried to speak to us in broken English.

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