Marketing Strategies for Lifestyle Design – Rob Ozanne

Myanmar – My Photo Journey
September 7, 2010
Taipei – Day Three
December 10, 2010

Interview Snippets:

  • Rob’s Take On Lifestyle Design   2:40
  • The Heart of Marketing    3:14

-Who you are
-Who you serve
-the value you give them

  • Getting Specific to Deliver Value   5:16
  • Market Mix and High-Priced Goods   6:07

-personality driven vs. personable 7:20

  • Advice to Work and Travel Newbies   8:09

-Clarity of who you are
-Tell people what you want to do
-The way you want to travel, how you want to fund it


Did you hear me mention that I spoke with Rob before? You heard right. I interviewed Rob before my trip to Myanmar. That 45 minute interview was a Vodburner disaster! Email me if you’d like the audios from the full interview.

Topic Covered Included:

– Purpose (How do you define your purpose?)
– Lifestyle Design vs Traditional Careers Advice (How Rob got started? Influences?)
– Creating businesses that support your lifestyle goals
– Personal / Spiritual Growth (Importance and how it ties into lifestyle design)
– Travel (Fun stories…)
– Wrap up (Final tips and how to contact Rob)

Rad Housing Tip:
Share Your Travel Plans Before You Go.
Rob says that he is currently experiencing, “Silly things that shouldn’t be possible.” This interview was captured while he was cat sitting in a very nice apartment. No housing costs?

A Moment of Honesty:
Rob says traveling can be tiring. When you don’t have the simple things. You have to figure out where’s the supermarket every time you move. It’s difficult to have the creative space for business, because you spending all the energy on those types of things. Consistently meeting new people is quite tiring, because you’re having the conversation.

Connect with Rob At:
Twitter: @robozanne
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/robozanne

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