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May 2, 2011
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Well, that was an obvious plug for Zemanta, because I love their service and have started using it for all my blogs, but what exactly am I on?

  • Setting up local money management classes for people in my community
  • Finishing an Amazon Associate website
  • Starting two Internet-based businesses
  • Testing products on eBay
  • Reselling educational products

Let, me share what my experience living just outside of Manhattan has been like for the last few months. I came here at the beginning of June. I had high expectations for finding a high paying job to pour funds into the startup that I founded in April. (I know, I know, how could I just start without funding, but I’m just going to get this 3rd or 4th fiasco out of the way.) Needless to say, I did not find my golden opportunity. I found two part-time contract jobs that are just above slave labor and kept looking. Now, I’m worn out and pissed off that I forgot, even for a minute why I came to New York in the first place. It wasn’t to do this. It wasn’t to complain about a lack of jobs or to burn myself out for $10 and hour.

So, now I have a break from one of my jobs, and I quit the other to focus on what I can create. And, the list above is exactly what I have started. I had to blog about this, because I am a professional educator (or at least my paper from that school in California says so), and now I am purposefully taking that knowledge and applying in more profitable areas.

Oh, I almost forgot the dude I wanted to feature or talk about for a minute. I have been plugging into this dude Eric Thomas since January this year, when I suffered a catastrophic break up with the love of my life. I was listless. It’s actually the reason why I stopped blogging. I wasn’t motivated to do much of anything. I was just confused about what to do with my life after that.

But, then one of my friends shared a video of ETthehiphoppreacher on Facebook, and it rekindled some of the fire I had to do stuff. Big stuff. Crazy stuff. I’m not fully recovered, but I am inspired and managing my life and emotions a lot better now. He’s been talking a lot about imagination lately, and the reality is that everything starts there. I’ve been imagining things done. I’ve been using this energy to propel me past the wall of “fear of the unknown.”

Fear of the Unknown definitely stops us. It’s why some people refuse to try new foods. Crazy, right? But, if you can just imagine yourself enjoying it…when you have those bricks of cement piled up in front of you, it’s your will and your imagination that sees your hand just below the last brick that crumbles them. Not your physical strength, your mental strength does it. It’s always those with a strong mind that fare better in life. Do you work harder on your mind than you do on your body? Or do you neglect it and numb it with sitcoms and Facebooking.

Listen to his story of dogged determination, and tell me if you think your circumstances can stop you:

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