I Have Three Mentors Right Now, and Only Garret J. White is “Remark”able

Where Lis Carpenter Is Going?
December 11, 2017

Enter Garret J. White…

It’s time to tell the truth. I’ve had this blog interviewing lifestyle design experts for I don’t know how many years,

and my life has not improved, but I listened to Garret J. White’s story and I found out why. He shares the reason I failed in this video.


Now I am learning to live by the Code:

Be Real (Tell the Truth!)
Be Raw (Fully & Honestly Share Your Truth)
Be Relevant (Keep this game focused on what matters to you and your people)

    With a commitment

to big ass results (the reason for being real, raw , and relevant to produce amazing work.

Week 2

warrior book

“You can’t just buy the book, you have to pay the price, do the work, become the message.”

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