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April 12, 2010
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May 21, 2010

I guess I should be sorry that it took me months to get this interview up but I’m not, ’cause now it’s twice as exciting and functional for you.

Interview Highlights

“Office Rebel” 0:24
…professionalism outside of the box
…the best kind of personal branding

“The Famous Four Pound Business Card” 1:18
…what I’m about
…carbon neutral?

“The Story Behind” 2:23
…a mobile business model
…rearranging priorities, a million now or overseas
…journalism student missing writing
…my readers vote where I go next because
…it’s about the challenge

“Colin’s Advice to Students” 4:35
…number one, be very selective about what you study
…go into technology, communications, business, and/or marketing
…diversify, don’t focus on one field

“Colin On Entrepreneurship” 5:55
…do something you like because…(did you notice me grimace?)
…books that have helped you start your mobile business
…thoughts on the 4HWW
…I work very few hours that I don’t enjoy

“Colin’s Choice of Clients” 8:20
…my clients trust me
…fashion mags, eco-sustainability businesses

(…yeah I finally went with low-resolution after this upload failed multiple times.)

Interview Highlights

“Colin’s Travel Secrets” 0:01
…tourist visas and boarder hoppers
…check the embassy

“Colin’s Plans for 2010” 1:46
New Zealand
a new book is my excuse to do crazy stuff
…write books, get speech engagements

“The way I network” 4:06
…party networking?

“Creating Products” 4:53
…the Goodies Section
…people requested wallpapers, my illustrations on t-shirts, books

“I Can’t Act…” 6:21
…do a YouTube Series please
…pitches from television networks declined

“Next Stops…” 6:55
…Estero to Los Angeles
…Los Angeles to New York
…New York to Los Angeles
…Los Angeles to Sydney
…Sydney to Christchurch (holla!)

Some of the Backstory

You certainly can’t forget meeting Colin Wright. The day that I was supposed to be meeting him I was running late, so naturally, I just sped all the way there. I arrived in the area on time only to get lost. I was following Google directions that led me to some retirement community instead of the Coconut Point Mall in Estero. So, I wasted about 30 minutes of his time, and he was more than nice about it as I sent texts (while driving) about being lost. Unfortunately, he was not able to help me find the mall because he didn’t know the area. Then luckily, I got low on gas and stopped to refuel. When I stopped, I asked for directions to the mall only to find out that it was two minutes down the road. If I would have kept driving for two minutes after the retirement community I would have found the mall!

So I arrive there (at Starbucks) and walk around. I was thinking geez all these ritzy folk, this is nothing like my town. I round the corner and there’s Colin with his i-Pod and fancy brown carrier bag. Play it cool. Play it cool. I was hyperventilating because this was the same guy I had seen in the Mixergy interview; high society. Don’t panick. Be cool. I managed to muster up a “Hey.” And right after that point, he greeted me with that crystal white smile, and all my anxieties melted away. Colin was cool peoples, and not mad at all that I was 30 minutes late. He helped me find a good shooting location, and then you would think that things would be cool from there, but no. I didn’t know how to use my video camera, and I didn’t have my interview questions.

So, Colin had to help me set up the camera and show me how to use it. And then, because I had brought a crappy old Dell laptop that wouldn’t start without an outlet, Colin offered his iPod so I could find the interview questions. The interview went relatively well, besides my weird expressions and staring at the people that walked by multiple times to listen in. After that came the most important lesson; Colin said he was not busy and that he had his whole afternoon open. My thoughts…a CEO not working on a work day, this is odd. This doesn’t normally happen folks! Colin had made time for small talk, that was the most important lesson. I was planning on jetting home right after the interview to finish my term papers, but I made time too.

We headed back over to Starbucks and Colin got his favorite doughnut (regular), and he got me some junk food from Starbucks too. And then we chatted about random stuff for a couple of hours. I have some of the videos from the rest of our conversation on my YouTube channel. When the sun started setting, I made the comment about it probably being time to go. Colin had walked to the mall. I know I was like, “walking?” Who does that? He was very nice and walked me to me car, and then he gestured inviting a hug. PANIC! No I don’t want to hug you, I’ll spontaneously combust! I give him a hug and tell him to be safe. So ends or begins the tale.

More Exciting Stuff!

I got a chance to be a contributor to Colin’s new book! So naturally I have to tell y’all about it, and yes this huge pic here leads to the page where you can buy it now. It’s an affiliate link, just so you know.

"Networking Awesomely"

My Thoughts On Networking Awesomely

Let me be in the ranks of those that suggest an alternate title for this book:
Life Will Get Easier After Reading This Book
Yep, that should be the title, hands down. When you’re reading this book you can tell that Colin has done a lot of personal research on the topic of networking in every situation. Not to mention, the countless other stories and tips that are included on the topic. He gave one tip on how to make yourself a magnet to others, and it doesn’t even require “writing a book so you’re considered and expert” like I’ve heard so many times before.

The book is written in straight forward language that anyone should be able to understand. Trust me, when he breaks down many of the intricacies of social interactions you’ll be saying, “It can’t be that simple!” And then you’ll be saying, “This is pure genius!” I was also impressed by how beautiful the book was; the pictures were so vivid and each one told a little part of the story. If you need a laugh and you truly want to understand how to forge new and valuable relationships then you should pick up this book today.

What Others Are Saying About Networking Awesomely

“Colin’s book is actually about something far greater than networking–it’s about getting out there and learning how to become a mover and a shaker in order to proactively take control over your life.”

-Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

“Colin employs the help of countless other bloggers…the result is nothing short of remarkable.”

“Colin takes a look at effective networking techniques that are equal parts entertaining and practical. He not only shows how to network awesomely but points out many of the common pitfalls that people make by “networking douchebaggedly” [and I thought all the variations of douchebag had been uses up]. Colin employs the help of countless other bloggers to weigh in with their thoughts on networking & the result is something nothing short of remarkable.”

-Joel Runyon of Blog Of Impossible Things

“I…came out feeling like I’d just read an enthusiastic how-to guide on life.”

“Honestly? Networking Awesomely defied my expectations. I went in expecting a comprehensive manual on the intricacies of business networking, but came out feeling like I’d just read an enthusiastic how-to guide on life. Looking beyond the networking terminology, what you’ve crafted here reads like a pretty slick primer on just being awesome – being the kind of person who can captive a room and establish lasting friendships everywhere he goes.

-Matt Madeiro of

So How Do You Think Colin Did On Executing His Plans? And What’s Your Best Networking Tip?

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  1. Great interviews. I’ve been following Colin online for a while and he’s really an inspiration. I hope to be living a similar lifestyle myself within a year. Thanks for the recommendation on the new book, too. I’ll be grabbing that soon.

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      Click on the giant photo of the book cover. It leads you to Colin’s website and more information about him and the book. Thanks.

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