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May 21, 2010
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July 9, 2010

“Your mission is to find the people that believe what you believe and do business with them.”
-Simon Sinek, Start With Why

My goal when starting this blog was to interview online business owners so that I could figure out how to create a muse and start living a location independent lifestyle. A few days ago my goal changed…

So I’m going to do affiliate marketing, but my product will be offering the best customer support ever*^^*


My friend and mentor, Steve Schuitt, The Tube Ninja, is also giving you a 1 hour webinar training on video blogging and video marketing. He will be answering any questions you have about video. He usually charges $300 an hour for his time people! So, your knowledge for how to use a blog as a muse (with or without affiliate marketing) will be complete after this training.

Yes, give me that product, and Steve’s training, and your support thank you!

I Guess I Should Tell You More About The Product Huh?

MLM Blog Secrets is the name. What is it?
It’s the only click-by-click training program
out there that breaks down every aspect of
blogging for prospects into doable steps…

Easy To Copy Video Tutorials!

It Is…Ty Tribble spoon-feeding you the exact methods
he’s used to build a $100,000.00/year income with his blog…

It’s Not…a book that leaves you with more questions than
when you started. Complicated coding and HTML tutorials.

Click here to get MLM Blog Secrets before the June 19th special launch pricing deadline ends!

The course, created by Ty Tribble,
one of the top 100 business bloggers
in the world.

This is what he’s done for you…

He’s divided it into three modules.

And the first module is all about setting
up your blog for maximum effectiveness.

Ty starts off with a quick introduction
that’ll put you in the proper mindset.

Then right after that…

He’s going to show you how to get a domain,
set-up hosting, and install WordPress.

And not only that…

He’s going to show you the best themes,
plug-ins, and widgets to use.

And if that’s not enough…

He’s also going to show you how to create
your first blog page and first blog post.

So by the time you’re finished with the
first module…

You’ll Have A Blog That’s Up
And Running And Working Perfectly!


Now, if you already have a blog set-up
the first module might seem pretty basic.

But Ty swore he would start from the beginning
and not leave anyone behind.

(Besides, I think you’ll learn some stuff that
no one’s ever taken the time to show you before.)

Now, let’s move onto the second module of where
things start getting more advanced.

The second module is all about…

Creating Content That Generates
Leads, Sales, And Sign-Ups


Even if you’re NOT a writer!

Ty does most of the work for you by revealing a
long list of websites you can use to copy other
people’s content – without them getting upset!

In fact, when you practice this technique the
way he teaches…

There’s a good chance the person who wrote the
article will actually thank you for using it!

Oh, and by the way…

These articles aren’t just any old articles.

They’re The Most Popular Ones On The
Internet Related To Your Specific Niche!


Think about that for a second.

You’re providing value to your prospects.

You’re getting leads, sales, and sign-ups
WITHOUT having to write much of anything.

And the person who wrote the article is happy
because you’re plugging them on your blog.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

But Ty doesn’t stop there.

Because in the second module he’s also going
to show you exactly how to create your own
content just in case you want to.

So by the time you’re finished with the
second module, not only will you have a blog…

You’ll Have Killer
Content For It Too!


Content that generates leads, sales, sign-ups,
and keeps prospects coming back!

Now let’s talk about the third module.

The third module is all about getting qualified
prospects to visit your blog…

Now that you’ve set it up the right way and have
good content waiting for them!

Ty’s going to show you lots of different ways to
get the best kinds of traffic.

Including The Most Up-To-Date Traffic
Generation Methods He’s Using Right Now!


This is stuff he hasn’t shared with anyone else
before other than his team and a small number
of coaching clients who pay him $200/hour.

He’s going to openly show you…

His latest SEO strategies.

His latest social media strategies.

His latest social bookmarking strategies.

His latest blog commenting strategies.

His latest forum commenting strategies.

So by the time you’re done with the third module,
not only are you going to have a blog with great
content on it…

You’re Going To
Start Having Traffic!


Real traffic and dependable traffic.

And better than that, you’re going to know how to
convert that traffic into loyal affiliates and repeat

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Let’s go through the steps that Timothy Ferriss describes for finding your muse.

Timothy Ferriss speaks at Google, May 2007. Ph...
Image via Wikipedia

Income Autopilot I: Finding The Muse

Running a business vs. owning a business
Decide what you want. Do you want to work 10-14 hours a day in your business or do you want to own a business that you check in on every once in a while.

Find a market – define your customers – then find or develop a product for them.
Don’t be that guy that has this great product idea and then has it made and manufactured only to find that there is no demand for it.

Be a member of your target market and don’t speculate what others need or will be willing to buy. A lot of people have made a fortune by solving their own problems and then selling the solution.

1. Which social, industry, and professional groups do you belong to, have you belonged to, or do you understand, whether dentists, engineers, rock climbers, recreational cyclists, car restoration aficionados, dancers, or other?

2. Which of the groups you identified have their own magazines?

People can dislike you–and you often sell more by offending some–but they should never misunderstand you.

Pricing $50-$200

Option 1: Resell a Product
Option 2: License a Product
Option 3: Create a Product

Option 1 is easiest. Option 2 is easy too, and best if you work out a license deal rather than just buying a license that has been sold to thousands of others. Option 3 is easy if you get help:)

The Back Story:

Watching Simon Sinek’s TEDx speech has had a profound effect on me (I think I must have replayed it 10 times over the last couple of months). I really believe his words which I quoted in the beginning about doing business with people that believe what you believe. That’s only part of the story. Over the course of the last week I’ve been back and forth on doing this promotion because after taking all these teaching courses for my Masters degree, I know that one-on-one is the best model. Not to mention, some statistics Kern put up about people not actually using the products that they purchase.

I was drawn to a few videos on excellent companies while reading Gary Vaynerchuck’s Vook CRUSH IT! So, I was looking at videos of Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Simon Sinek talking about Southwest Airlines. All these companies had something in common – superior customer service. Gary Vaynerchuck even had an unusually high standard of service. He to touted this idea of “legacy over currency” and what your grand children will read about you. So my goal is simple, now, I will out-serve every person in my niche and work with people that believe what I believe. I believe in running an online business so that you will always be able to go wherever you want whenever you want.

Hey! When you comment on this post, tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like so that I can deliver you better content!


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