Does Coconut Oil Help Weight Loss?

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June 11, 2015
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Let me start with this:

Photo of Me at 115lbs.

I have been around 115 lbs. for the last two years, and because of my healthy eating habits, I don’t worry about weight gain or weight loss anymore.

I should also say that I’ve never battled with obesity. I’m 5’6” and a half, and the heaviest that I’ve been was 154 lbs. over the summer as a teenager. There’s a funny story that goes with my heaviest weight. I went to a Publix Grocery Store with my older brother who is about three inches taller than me. For whatever reason, a lot of their stores have body scales in the entrance.

My brother, who like a lot of guys, is obsessed with bulking up to beast mode, jumped on the scale. He was like 143 lbs. And, then he told me to weigh myself. I stepped on and we were both horrified. His response was, “What?! How can you weigh more than me? Where is it at?” To tell the truth, my weight has always been in my mid-section and thighs, so I can hide weigh gain somewhat.

Fast-forward about 12 years, and I am the lightest and healthiest I have ever been. I seldom get sick and I have energy without caffeine dependence. I should also point out that I used to have unhealthy habits in high school like skipping meals and taking diet pills while eating all kinds of junk food.

A big part of my transformation was the introduction of coconut into my diet as my oil of choice. I also cut my intake of meat after seeing this lady on a daily show share how most people do not need more than 4 oz. of meat a day. It is also more difficult for the body to digest certain types of meat (red meat can take days to break down).

I wrote about the use of coconut oil for beautiful skin last week, but I have to say if there is one thing I am always pushing and buying for my friends, it’s coconut oil.

And, if you are wondering, I have studied the Mediterranean diet which is heavy in the use of olive oil, and I won’t knock olive oil, but there is something about the makeup of coconut oil that makes it especially healthy.

One study published by the NCBI showed olive oil was not as effective as coconut oil (or oils containing medium chain fatty acids) for weight loss. You read that right. People are obsessed with the Mediterranean diet because the people from the region it originated in are unusually thin, youthful and long-lived.

But, coconut oil proves to be the better option for weight loss.

You can read more about the studies on weight loss with coconut oil here.

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