Best MBA Program I’ve Seen – An Interview with Dan Andrews

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April 22, 2010
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June 15, 2010

Not too long ago I stumbled across one of the awesomest websites I’ve see in lifestyle design. (Only awesomeness allowed here:)) So I contacted the author, Dan Andrews, repeatedly for about two weeks until I was able to get him on Skype. What an experience. Dan is my kind of guy. He stands for excellence, the best, and better and nothing else. I love it. (Details are below on the second semester of the Tropical MBA).

Listen to the interview below and you’ll understand what I mean.

Segment 1 (0:13) – What Do You Do and What You Do for Money
Segment 2 (1:01) – The Lifestyle Business Podcast (What the!? Skype cuts out…)
>We are changing the meaning of lifestyle business.
>We enable the personal freedom of everyone involved.
Segment 3 (3:37) The Tropical MBA
>I have a budget to hire people so…let me find an outsource professional.
>People clambered in to apply for the position
Segment 4 (6:40) – I’m about the hustle
>Blogging is fine for some, but I want to get paid.
Segment 5 (8:53) – Me harassing Dan about teaching his stuff.
>Go to the Internet Business Mastery Academy or Smart Passive Income Blog
and leave me alone, okay?
Segment 6 (10:02) – The art of putting your foot in your mouth, or readers buyers?
>(11:38) “the number one problem with bloggers…”
>Blogging’s good for making connections, but what else?
>I don’t live in Thailand. I live in the Philippines.
Segment 7 (12:23) – How did you make the transition from living in the US?
>Global Arbitrage – I quit and set up a remote office.
>a bit of moonlighting
>(15:00) “my personal assistant is a better copywriter than I am.”
Segment 8 (15:43) – What is your best advice?
>There’s two things that you need to have, and there’s one thing that you need to understand…
>I worked my ass off for this
>(18:37) The work is ultimately more important than your strategic idea of how it’s going work out.
Segment 9 (19:50) – What has your been your most memorable experience out there?
>I’m not telling you…but I’ll paint the picture for you. “I can’t even start to tell you…”
>Check out the blog post on…(and Skype drops off)…17 Reasons Why…

“People that have a clear vision and work hard are successful. That’s it.” -Dan Andrews

Connect with Dan on Twitter:
@TropicalMBA -Dan Andrews

Go to Dan’s website now and check out the Tropical MBA Program. The deadline for applications is June 1st!

Dan’s student from the previous semester, from Location 180,  is shining. I’m a educational profession by trade and I swear by learning by application. If you qualify for this program I would tell you to go for it with all you’ve got, seriously. I want to go, but I have some work to do on myself before I qualify.

Did that video pique your interest? Click the link below to watch the others videos on Dan’s blog.

Get with the program!


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